Training for Your School or District


Introduction Seminar

Let us share what Mastery Learning and the basic principals of The Grid Method – Mastery Learning System can do for your staff and students.

This introductory presentation will introduce your staff to the basic components of mastery learning as well as give them easy to implement tools and instructional shifts that can improve student outcomes.

Ignite your staff’s passion with new and innovative ideas. Book your seminar today!

Two-Day Workshop

Our two-day workshop is the perfect way to introduce your staff and get them ready to implement The Grid Method in their classrooms.

Your teachers will receive a full development workbook and will be guided on how to create and implement Mastery Grids in their classrooms.

Are you ready for more of your students to succeed?

Ignite your teachers’ passion as they see their classrooms become more effective than ever with our easy to implement student-centered, competency-based learning system. Book your workshop today!

Full Implementation

Transform your district/building with full implementation!

This includes an Introduction Seminar, multiple workshops, as well as follow up coaching, observations, hands-on training, and in-person audits and assessments to ensure proper implementation and success for all teachers and students. This is a three-year plan that allows for increased success and individualization for your entire staff.

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