What Is The Grid Method?

The Grid Method is a self-paced, student driven, mastery and standards based educational system that utilizes tiered learning targets and aligned learning tasks to maximize student achievement. Within this system, students follow standards based learning tasks developed by their instructor that scaffold and build understanding of each learning target. Targets themselves are developed and organized as scaffolded levels that increase in depth of knowledge, providing opportunities for productive struggle for learners. Formative assessment is utilized at the end of each task to show mastery. Until mastery is achieved, the learner receives multiple attempts to show their knowledge on a given learning task. The learners are supported by differentiation and intervention is provided based on their needs as learners progress. Tasks, targets, and descriptions of activities are organized into a grid system for students to track their progress. The instructor then tracks student progress throughout the process to ensure understanding.

The Grid Method is a system based on research and best practices that have been supported by educational researchers since the 1960’s. The system utilizes proven methods in education, including targeted instruction, goal setting, differentiation, mastery, and standards based assessment. Additionally, The Grid Method gives instructors the freedom to teach and implement their own lessons and learning activities in a way that reaches ALL students in their classrooms from where they are at, not where they “should” be.

Developed, tested, and piloted by teachers in an “inner city”  urban district with a high minority population and 100% economically challenged students, The Grid Method has been shown to increase student performance, raise student confidence, and reduce behavioral issues in the classroom. This method allows instructors not to worry about what they are doing tomorrow but to focus fully on what their students are learning or struggling with today. With a focus on student mastery and data driven decision making, any classroom can benefit from utilizing this method. Teachers already have the passion, desire, and talent to help their students grow, but this method will allow them to thrive.

What people are saying...

"Thanks to the Grid Method, after 20 plus years I feel renewed and enjoy what I am doing again!"
- Bernie Caldwell, 8th Grade Science Teacher, Canton, OH

"If you are looking for increased student ownership and progressive mastery of learning...then The Grid Method is your answer."
-Travis Tristano, 6th Grade ELA Coach


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