How to Handle Student Confrontations (Video)

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Hey, guys. Today I want to talk about something that can really reduce management issues in your classroom, and that I work with teachers on constantly, and that’s how we approach students to resolve conflicts, to redirect them, and to manage their behavior in a way that doesn’t cause additional conflict. So, there are two ways you can go up … Read More

Stop Saying You Don’t Have Enough Time! (Video)

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Stop Saying You Don’t Have Enough Time! (Video) (1)

Trust me, I get it. I’ve been there. Changing your instruction, or implementing something new into your classroom, is not easy. It takes time. But if it is valuable enough and is going to increase the impact on your students learning journey, don’t tell me there’s not enough time. Put the time in now, because the payoff you’ll get later … Read More

How to Record Videos for Your Classroom (Video)

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How to Record Videos for Your Classroom

In this video I’m going to show you a tool that you can use for recording video content in your classroom. Whether you are trying to create video notes for students who are absent, you are running a flipped classroom, where students consume content at home and then come back into class to analyze it, study it, discuss it, or … Read More

Motivating Students Through Relationships (Video)

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I think most teachers understand the importance of building relationships with your students. You’re working day in and day out with these students every single day for an entire year. So I’m sure you’re like me, as you’re moving through the groove of each day, you really want to make sure that there’s trust and a strong relationship between your … Read More