Getting Started with Personalized Learning (Video)

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Getting Started with Personalized Learning (video)

Getting Started with Personalized Learning  Full Transcript Below VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Hey guys it’s Chad, and today I’m going to talk about something that is a buzzword that I’m hearing at conferences, meetings, and in almost every district I go to, and that’s getting started with personalized learning. Now personalized learning, is trying to individualize and personalize the learning experience … Read More

3 Easy Ways To Universally Design Your Classroom

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Universal Design For Learning - 3 Easy Ways to Design Your Classroom

Universal design for learning, or UDL, is a common phrase that I’m sure you’ve been hearing tossed around at professional development workshops, team meetings, or just in general educational forums. Universally designing your classroom essentially means that you design your curriculum and delivery of that curriculum to meet the needs of all learners in your class. This means you should … Read More