Twitter Chats and Cocktail Parties

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Twitter Chats and Cocktail Parties

Twitter chats continue to foster opportunities for educators to collaborate and share innovative ideas and inspiration. However, may teachers still voice their fear of twitter! We often hear, “It goes so fast!” or “I just don’t understand what is going on!” So, let’s clear the air! Have you ever been to a cocktail party? Imagine yourself in a hotel conference … Read More

Using Flipped Learning to Reach All of Your Students

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Using Flipped Learning to Reach All Of Your Students

What Is Flipped Learning? In 2007, two high school chemistry teachers from Colorado grew tired of reteaching content to absent students.  The advent of screencasting tools and online videos through YouTube inspired Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams to record their lectures and share them online. Thus was born the flipped learning model. Fast forward a decade and you would be hard … Read More

How the FCC’s Vote on Net Neutrality Affects Teachers

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How the FCC's Vote on Net Neutrality Affects Teachers

The roll back of Net Neutrality has been all over the news recently. But what does it mean for teachers? A little background. You’ve probably been hearing a lot about the FCC’s decision to roll back previous regulations on net neutrality. With a 3-2 vote yesterday (Thursday, December 14, 2017), the Federal Communications Commission approved a proposal to remove net … Read More

21 Ways to Use Social Media in Your Classroom

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21 Ways to Use Social Media in Your Classroom

Let’s be honest here, if you’re not using social media in your classroom, there’s a good chance you’re missing an opportunity to connect, engage, or inform. Working with schools and districts all over the country, we’ve noticed that no two schools think about social media the same way. Some embrace it and make it a part of their daily routines, … Read More