Motivating Students with Creative Curriculum Using the 5 Senses (video)

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Motivating Students with Creative Curriculum Using the 5 Senses - Video

How can we motivate students with creative curriculum? Full transcript below video. Video Transcript Hey guys it’s Rae and I am really excited that we are talking about creativity in the classroom to start engaging students. Now I am totally biased, I love this topic, especially when I’m using the Teach Further model. If you haven’t heard of the Teach … Read More

7 Ways to Make Learning Impossible in Your Classroom

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7 Ways to Make Learning Impossible in Your Classroom

We talk a lot about how to increase student achievement and improve learning in our classrooms. A lot of these conversations are centered around what needs to be added or changed in a classroom, NOT what should be removed. Many of the practices that still exist in classrooms across the country are not only outdated, but they are making progress … Read More

How to Start Your Day Like a Champion

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How to Start Your Day Like A Champion

As teachers, how we start our day could be the difference between our students’ success or failure. How we view each day, its challenges, and its opportunities, will set the foundation for how our classroom feels when students walk in, and more importantly, how they feel when they interact with us. If you’re reading this, it’s because you are always … Read More

Hey Teachers, We’re Doing It Wrong

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Education in the united states is failing because we're doing it wrong.

Education in the United States is failing. This is something we hear on the news, in politics, and from people we know. In response, significant energy is spent by teachers and friends of teachers trying to convince the world that education is not actually failing. Students lives are complicated. Poverty runs rampant. Parents are unsupportive. Administrators are too controlling. Government sticks … Read More