3 Ways To Make This School Year GREAT!

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Ok…as you lay awake, wide-eyed and nervous as the first part of the school year is in full swing, I want you to know something: It’s all going to be fine! Try to ignore that weird dream you have about waking up late and realizing you have NO PLAN (yeah…bet you didn’t know we all have that dream). Instead of focusing on all … Read More

Shut Up, And Let Them Speak!

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Never say ANYTHING in your classroom that a student can say themselves.  Whoa, don’t get too mad. I was just trying to get your attention. I wanted to take a few minutes and talk about something that changed my classroom forever. I stopped answering my students’ questions and started responding with more questions. This seems a bit backwards at first … Read More

Where Did this Come From?

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The Worst Year of My Career Sometimes, something amazing comes from something you hoped you never experienced. As teachers, we all dream of having a life-long impact on our students’ lives and inspiring brilliant minds, like the fairytales we see in movies or in books. The truth is, teaching is a lot harder than most think. Even those of us … Read More