Standards-Based Grading and Behavior Characteristics: Connecting the Pieces.

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How do standards-based grading and behavior characteristics work together? Standards-based grading requires students to be evaluated based on their understanding level of each standard. While this continues to address gaps in the traditional grade book format, it draws a harsh line between student academic success and student behavior characteristics. More often than not, educators voice concerns about the ability to … Read More

9 Ways to Fix Your Lesson Plans: Scaffold Student Learning Opportunities

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9 Ways to Fix Your Lesson Plans - Scaffold Learning Opportunities

What’s the 3rd way you can fix your lesson plans? Create scaffolded student learning opportunities! Using the Content Break Down discussed in Fix#1, Fix #3 focuses on utilizing scaffolded targets to design meaningful learning opportunities! The most effective way to create strong, scaffolded targets is to utilize Webb’s Depth Of Knowledge (DOK).  DOK allows teachers to build content knowledge in a … Read More

Retakes in the Classroom: How to Make Them Work (video)

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Retakes In The Classroom - How to Make Them Work (video)

 Hey guys! It’s Rae and we’re talking retakes. Now I have already done a video blog about why retakes are valuable for you to try, however, the most common question I get is, “How do you make them manageable?” I’ve been lucky enough, I’ve implemented retakes in my classroom probably about five or six different ways, and I changed … Read More

Standards-Based Grading : First Steps (video)

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Standards-Based Grading_ Reporting-4

Getting Started with Standards-Based Grading Continue your exploration with more Standards-Based Grading posts! Standards-Based Grading : The Basics Standard Based Grading : Understanding a Score Standard Based Grading : 4 Pillars Standard Based Grading : Combating Common Concerns Standard Based Grading : Reporting Standard Based Grading : Parent Communication (Coming Soon!)    

Standards-Based Grading : Reporting

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Standards-Based Grading Reporting

In Standards-Based Grading, how do you report a students understanding on a report card? This may be one of the most widely debated components of Standards-Based Grading. As experts, educators, and administrators conduct research to find the perfect fit for their stakeholders, two major report card types are found to be used most frequently. Even more important than the look … Read More