7 Ways to Make Learning Impossible in Your Classroom

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7 Ways to Make Learning Impossible in Your Classroom

We talk a lot about how to increase student achievement and improve learning in our classrooms. A lot of these conversations are centered around what needs to be added or changed in a classroom, NOT what should be removed. Many of the practices that still exist in classrooms across the country are not only outdated, but they are making progress … Read More

Embracing Student-Generated Questions in the Classroom

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Embracing Student-Generated Questions in the Classroom

Guest post by: Dr. Molly Ness Make Way for Questions: Embracing Student-Generated Questions in the Classroom “If there is a Big Dipper and a Little Dipper, why isn’t there a Middle Dipper?” This question – from my six-year old niece – came as we looked into the night sky. Her question was impressive – not only in its insightfulness, but also … Read More

7 Challenges You Will Face with Mastery Learning

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7 Challenges You Will Face with Mastery Learning

Success with mastery learning doesn’t come without challenges. Working with teachers across the country to implement mastery learning has shown me a lot of things. I’ve seen amazing educators, fantastic ideas, new solutions, and innovative concepts that I think will change education one day. I have also been able to work with many teachers to overcome challenges as they shift … Read More

Blended Learning : What’s the deal?

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Blended Learning - What's the Deal

Education continues to evolve as it aims to adapt to new technology and research supported teaching practices. The overall goal?  To reach every student. A common buzzword right now is Blended Learning. Let’s chat about the basics! What is Blended Learning? A blended learning classroom utilizes face-to-face and online instruction. Different from simply providing learners with online tools, blended learning allows … Read More

Removing the Limits on Learning

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Removing The Limits On Learning

Guest post by: Kristen Nan I was in conversation the other day when someone mentioned to me that the sky’s the limit for my child’s learning.  I immediately gasped… felt a bit sick to be honest. Obviously my perception was different than theirs as they stood smiling while I looked like I needed the closest restroom.  Why on earth do … Read More