Getting your Feet wet with a Classroom Transformation (video)

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Getting Your Feet Wet With A Classroom Transformation (video)

When you’re looking at doing classroom transformations, you have to consider the five senses. Full transcript below video. Video Transcript Hey guys! It’s Rae and we are talking classroom transformation! Now I do classroom transformations all the time, I would love to even do them more frequently, but when I talk about classroom transformations, especially in the Teach Further Model … Read More

9 Ways to Fix Your Lesson Plans: Assess Understanding, Not Task Completion

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9 Ways to Fix Your Lesson Plans - Assess Understanding Not Task Completion

What’s the 8th way you can fix your lesson plans? Assess Understanding, Not Task Completion! It is time to start assessing student on what they KNOW rather than the tasks they have completed. Anyone can do a checklist, but someone that has proven mastery in understand the content, can explain it! Consider what your students KNOW while planning your next … Read More

The Power of Mastery Learning (video)

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The Power of Mastery Learning (video-2

What is the true power of mastery learning? Full transcript below video. Video Transcript Hey guys it’s Chad, and today I want to talk to you about the power of mastery learning. Now a lot of times in these videos I’ll talk about pieces and components of mastery learning, but we really don’t get to the nitty-gritty of why it’s … Read More

Let Your Students Lead

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Let your students lead

Letting go of control in your classroom is difficult. As teachers, we sometimes have a hard time letting go of control. As we consider management issues, keeping everyone engaged, and the constant pressures of pacing guides and state testing, the easiest solution seems to be for us to take control in any and every way possible. This often leads to … Read More