Retakes in the Classroom: How to Make Them Work (video)

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Retakes In The Classroom - How to Make Them Work (video)

 Hey guys! It’s Rae and we’re talking retakes. Now I have already done a video blog about why retakes are valuable for you to try, however, the most common question I get is, “How do you make them manageable?” I’ve been lucky enough, I’ve implemented retakes in my classroom probably about five or six different ways, and I changed … Read More

Retakes in the Classroom: Why They’re Important (video)

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Why are retakes important in your classroom?     VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Hey guys. It’s Rae, and we are talking retakes. Now, retakes have always been a hot topic, at least in my circles, all the colleagues that I get to interact with, that are all phenomenal, we debate retakes like crazy. So we’re doing a quick blog video today, just … Read More

Classroom Management: The Key Ingredient You Might be Missing

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Classroom Management: The Key Ingredient You Might be Missing

Guest Post by: Dr. LaQuanta M. Nelson of It’s February, the month known for hearts, cupid’s arrow, and all things LOVE! Our local stores will be filled with cards that express affection, while there will be plenty of online orders for flower deliveries. And though many of us won’t say such, most people would like to be shown some … Read More

Personalized Learning through UDL

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Personalized Learning through UDL

Personalized Learning and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) can feel like new initiatives that are just “one more thing.” When it comes down to it, though, many initiatives fit together nicely, and can help support one another. Through working with schools, districts, and teachers I’ve found that when we look at new ideas as something extra (as opposed to something … Read More

Personalized Learning vs Differentiated Learning: What’s the difference?

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Personalized Learning vs. Differentiation

Personalized learning and differentiated learning are big buzzwords in education right now. Did you think they were the same thing? As more catch phrases, tag lines, and buzzwords get added to the educational world, it’s getting more and more difficult to determine what it all means, and more importantly, how it all applies to our classrooms. Two phrases I’ve been … Read More