The Power of Mastery Learning (video)

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The Power of Mastery Learning (video-2

What is the true power of mastery learning? Full transcript below video. Video Transcript Hey guys it’s Chad, and today I want to talk to you about the power of mastery learning. Now a lot of times in these videos I’ll talk about pieces and components of mastery learning, but we really don’t get to the nitty-gritty of why it’s … Read More

5 Simple Strategies to CRAFT a Need-Satisfying Classroom

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5 Simple Strategies to CRAFT a Need-Satisfying Classroom by Allyson Apsey

When I first became a teacher, I was horrible at classroom management. When I say horrible, I mean “pulling my hair out because I couldn’t control the classroom for the life of me” horrible. Years later, I learned that I was almost fired that first year. Yes…I was that bad. Fortunately, someone saw a glimmer of hope in me and … Read More

Bad Teaching Tomorrow Doesn’t Justify Bad Teaching Today (video)

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Bad Teaching Tomorrow Doesn't Justify Bad Teaching Today

Don’t allow bad teaching from future teachers to justify using ineffective teaching methods today. Full transcript below video. Cover image by Cam Adams on Unsplash Video Transcript Hey guys, it’s Chad. I was actually at a conference this past weekend and one of the participants in the session I was running asked me or said that they weren’t sure if they could implement … Read More

Let Your Students Lead

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Let your students lead

Letting go of control in your classroom is difficult. As teachers, we sometimes have a hard time letting go of control. As we consider management issues, keeping everyone engaged, and the constant pressures of pacing guides and state testing, the easiest solution seems to be for us to take control in any and every way possible. This often leads to … Read More

5 Simple Items That Can Transform Your Classroom

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5 Simple Items That Can Transform Your Classroom

In my classroom I constantly try to create lessons and experiences that allow students to get excited about learning. I have done many classroom flips, changing the space into environments, scenes, and locations that allow engagement and inspiration to take hold. In the past few years, I have created a list of must haves that can be used to transform … Read More