Standards-Based Grading and Behavior Characteristics: Connecting the Pieces.

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How do standards-based grading and behavior characteristics work together? Standards-based grading requires students to be evaluated based on their understanding level of each standard. While this continues to address gaps in the traditional grade book format, it draws a harsh line between student academic success and student behavior characteristics. More often than not, educators voice concerns about the ability to … Read More

5 Mistakes Districts Make When Rolling Out a New Initiative

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5 Mistakes School Districts Make When Rolling Out a New Initiative

How did your last district initiative implementation go? If we’re being honest, probably not as well as you had hoped, right? It’s okay…it’s not you. The truth is, most new initiatives don’t go all that well. We see it all the time, working with districts across the country. A new idea comes along, it seems to be the perfect tool … Read More

Getting Started with Twitter Chats for Teachers

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Getting Started with Twitter Chats for Teachers

Are you missing out on Twitter chats for teachers? With over 500 million tweets being sent every day, it’s no wonder Twitter is quickly becoming a favorite hangout spot for educators all over the world. Wait…what? I thought Twitter was just for the kids..or the Kardashians… A lot of people have a very misconstrued view of Twitter. While yes, there … Read More

Key Elements of Mentoring a Future Teacher

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Key Elements of Mentoring a Future Teacher

Mentoring a future teacher or newbie to the field can be a full time job. As a cooperating teacher, administration, or team member juggles personal and professional tasks, a new teacher often adds time to an already busy schedule. This creates a potentially stressful, and ineffective mentor/mentee relationship. If you’ve taken on the crucially important role of mentoring a future … Read More