How to Start Your Day Like a Champion

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How to Start Your Day Like A Champion

As teachers, how we start our day could be the difference between our students’ success or failure.

How we view each day, its challenges, and its opportunities, will set the foundation for how our classroom feels when students walk in, and more importantly, how they feel when they interact with us. If you’re reading this, it’s because you are always striving to teach better and be a Champion for your students. That all starts with how we start each day. So let’s focus on that word, and start every day like a CHAMPION!

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Celebrate each day’s opportunities.

Every day is an opportunity to start over, start fresh, and make an impact. As you begin your day each morning, whether before or after your morning coffee, make a conscious choice to celebrate the day, celebrate the journey the day is about to take you on.

Take a moment to say “Hello” or “Thank You” to a colleague, spouse, student, or passerby. Your positive energy is contagious, don’t keep it all for yourself. Choose to #SpreadKindness

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Hand yourself the keys. You drive your success.

As educators, we often feel as though we live in an uncontrollable world. Nevertheless, there is always something you have control over. Identify it. Take ownership over it. Give it your best. Whatever that may look like on each  day, dedicate yourself to it. Your best effort is the best fuel for your engine!

Admit the day may have speed bumps.

Speed bumps are natural! Whether they are man made or mother nature, encountering speed bumps is inevitable. Don’t let this stop your drive! Allow it to give you a moment of reflection. Adjust your mirrors, change the radio tune, and move forward. There is always a way across a hurdle in your path – even if it means getting out of your car and moving it yourself.

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Make a special effort to meet your students’ needs.

Even when the road is foggy and you are focused on other elements of your day, make a conscious choice to meet your students’ needs. Depending on the day, this may only be a little task. You may not re-design a whole lesson or skip a much needed bathroom break, but make a choice to use all the fuel in your tank to ask another question, explore just a little more, take one more tool out of your tool kit, and get your students one step further in their journey.

Power through lack of coffee & sleep brain – Put students first.

Every day is a new beginning. So, what are you going to do about it? Don’t let a sleepy mind or need for a rest stop slow down your drive! Put your students first. Allow them to voice their goals, wants, and needs. Give them the opportunity to choose – whether it is a choice in the destination, or what’s on the radio – make them the focus of your day. Need a pick me up? Drink in the excitement of learning and allow it to fuel your soul!

Initiate conversation; Make an unexpected connection.

Connections allow teachers to continue being learners. Make a new connection every day! This may be a face-to-face meeting over coffee, or a virtual connection on Twitter. Nevertheless, grow your #PLN, expand your learning, and connect with a new innovator.

Open your mind to new ideas.

If feels like each year brings a new district mandated initiative. And not always one we asked for or really want to use. It’s time for you to take hold of the steering wheel and seek out your own initiatives. Stay open minded and explore what teachers are talking about and trying in their classrooms. What can you learn to enhance your practice?  What can you share to support others? Press on the gas pedal and take hold of your journey!

Never forget your support system; Family. Friends. Colleagues. PLN.

No person is a single driver – everyone needs a co-pilot! Take a moment everyday to acknowledge the ones that keep your spirits high and bring you up when you are low. It may be as simple as a smile, disconnected dinner, or scheduled “you” time. Take time to recharge your battery with the ones you love.

Poster Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash