The Power of Mastery Learning (video)

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The Power of Mastery Learning (video-2

What is the true power of mastery learning?

No longer are you trying to do different differentiate for 30 students at the exact same time. Click To Tweet

Full transcript below video.

Video Transcript

Hey guys it’s Chad, and today I want to talk to you about the power of mastery learning. Now a lot of times in these videos I’ll talk about pieces and components of mastery learning, but we really don’t get to the nitty-gritty of why it’s such a powerful instructional framework, that you can use to reach more students. In traditional education, we think that everyone getting the same is enough, and that we can deliver the same message to the same 30 students, and that they’re all going to walk away with the same amount of knowledge and mastery at the end of that unit. Well over the years in education, we’ve realized that this simply is not true, and things started to change.

So we learned, that differentiation, personalization, and individualization of learning was the way to go, however these things are really difficult to accomplish in the classroom, I talk to teachers all the time all across the country, and they always say, “Well how do I actually differentiate, or what does actually look like in the classroom.” Also things like formative assessment become even more important.

That’s where mastery learning shows it’s true power. Mastery learning takes pace and uses it either as a universal differentiator for all students, and by allowing them to work through the content at their own pace, and based on what they know, and when they know it, it allows us to truly reach them where they’re at and meet all of their needs, and this is the true power of mastery learning.

No longer are you trying to do different differentiate for 30 students or 20 students or whatever they are at the exact same time, but now with mastery learning, you can truly reach every student where they are, and give them what they need when they need it. That is the power of mastery learning, you could follow me on Twitter at @ChadOstrowski, don’t forget to click like, subscribe, and share this video.

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