Meaningful Assignments and Grading (Video)

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Hey guys, it’s Chad and I want to take a minute to talk about something that’s been bothering me. It has to do with grading.

I was talking to a parent the other day and they were talking about how their child brings home these stacks of homework but the teacher only gives them a participation grade. So the student has started, to save time, to fill in random things on the paper. Now the teacher doesn’t have time to actually grade the work, so they are getting a participation grade for doing absolutely nothing.

The big takeaway here, and what I want you to think about, is when you give an assignment whether it’s homework or a classwork or a project what does that mean in terms of mastery for the student? Is that assignment and the assessment of that assignment conveying understanding of content?

Because if it’s not you’re wasting your time, you’re wasting the student’s time, and you’re probably wasting a couple of other’s people’s time like the parents and other stakeholders that may be helping the student. Really think about what you’re providing your students in terms of graded assessments and assignments because that means a lot.

If you create more meaningful assignments and the grade or the assessment matters to the student they’re going to work harder on it, and you’re going to have a better understanding of where the student’s at. So, if your assignments and your assessments don’t reflect actual understanding, stop giving them. Stop wasting your student’s time.

This was something I just wanted to talk about really quick, so always stay awesome and teach better.