9 Ways to Fix Your Lesson Plans: Assess Understanding, Not Task Completion

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9 Ways to Fix Your Lesson Plans - Assess Understanding Not Task Completion

What’s the 8th way you can fix your lesson plans? Assess Understanding, Not Task Completion!

It is time to start assessing student on what they KNOW rather than the tasks they have completed. Anyone can do a checklist, but someone that has proven mastery in understand the content, can explain it!

Consider what your students KNOW while planning your next lesson…

Keep the Why at the forefront of your instruction

Start and end planning your instruction by answer the question “Why?”
Why are your students learning this? Why is the content valuable to their life?
Then, echo the message throughout each component of the lesson. If your students do not know why they are learning information and simply operate checking a box, you will never be able to formulate a full understanding of what they know!

Remember, the first time a student tries something unsuccessfully does not mean they're done trying. Click To Tweet

Never provide a task without a purpose

Every student is at a different place in our classroom – whether we like it or not! Therefore, if a student wants to take an alternative route toward mastery, be open to hearing the idea. Remember, it’s not about the task, it is about providing purpose and value to your students’ development.  Many tasks have strong purpose, while many do not. Consider the assignment’s purpose prior to assigning it to your students.

Operate on a F.A.I.L. Proof System.

F.A.I.L. stands for “First Attempt in Learning.” For students to be able to meet mastery on a topic, it often takes multiple trial runs and a few failed attempts. Remember, the first time a student tries something unsuccessfully does not mean they’re done trying. They just used up their first time trying! Stand back up, get back on the horse, and keep on trekking!

Winners get to celebrate!

Celebrate the victories! A student proving mastery is awesome. Find a way to cheer on your students throughout each lesson. You are a team, all racing to the finish line of knowledge. Let the fun begin!

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