9 Ways to Fix your Lesson Plans – Ask Your Students

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9 Ways to Fix Your Lesson Plans - Ask Your Students

How do you fix your lesson plans? Ask your students!

It is a well known quote spread throughout the educational community, said by the wonderful, education veteran Rita Pierson.

“You know, kids don’t learn from people they don’t like.” 

Nevertheless, as we strive to do our best at reaching all of our learners, connecting individually with each student, and designing dynamic lesson plans to ensure students meet mastery on content – we often forget to stop, listen, and ask questions to the most important people in your classroom, your students.

Listen to your students' ideas. Listen to your students' struggles. Listen to your students' explanation. Listen to your students. Click To Tweet

So, why don’t we do this?

Ask your Students QuestionsThe truth is, most educators are scared. Scared of what they may find out if they stopped to ask their students how their instruction is going. Many feel this question to a student welcomes criticism. This is never been my viewpoint. I say, stop and ask your students – What type of lesson do you enjoy? What type of learning do you feel helps you learn best? Would you share with me when you feel most accomplished in my classroom? Why?

Then… just listen.

Listen to your students’ ideas. Listen to your students’ struggles. Listen to your students’ explanation. Listen to your students.

Not everything they say will be doable, and it’s ok to take each suggestion or critique with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, the relationships you build with your students, the respect you build with your students, and the reflection you have with your students, are invaluable to truly ensure you reach as many students as possible.

Willing to take more than just a suggestion? Challenge your students to design their own lesson plan or classroom activity. Allow them to take the reins in both hands and steer their learning. It’s truly amazing, what can come of this Fix.

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