Using Community as a Motivational Tool for Students (Video)

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Using Community as a Motivational Tool for Students (Video)

FULL TRANSCRIPT Hey guys! It’s Rae. I wanted to do a quick blog post about how to motivate students in the classroom by utilizing community in your classroom. I’m sure as you know, I am so passionate about bringing my community into my classroom, and I find that teachers that I collaborate with often tell me, oh no, they don’t … Read More

How to Get Your Community Involved in Your Classroom (Video)

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Video Transcript of How to Get Your Community Involved in Your Classroom Hey guys! It’s Rae. We’re going to be focusing today on how to involve your community in your classroom. In my classroom, my students participate in mock internships that are all sponsored by local businesses. Now this is a great way to involve your community because in my … Read More

How Do We Teach Digital Citizenship to Students?

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How Do We Teach Digital Citizenship to Students- (2)

Teaching students digital citizenship is not easy in a world driven by connections! What is digital citizenship? Who is effected? Where can you find resources? Why bother teaching it in the classroom? How can you make it easier? And when is it appropriate? Let’s look at some quick tips to help you identify the who, what, when, where, and why … Read More

How to Create a Positive Classroom Culture (Video)

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How to create a positive classroom culture

A positive classroom culture can be the difference between your students succeeding or falling behind. Establishing this culture early on in the school year is incredibly important, but no matter when you make the changes, always strive to improve the learning environment in your room. Here are three ways you can create a positive classroom culture. Consider Safety So the … Read More

3 Keys to Parent Communication: Keeping Parents Informed, Included, and Out of Your Hair

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3 Keys to Parent Communication in Your Classroom

Are your students’ parents allies or road blocks? Education should be student focused. However, it’s often challenging to focus on students’ needs while parent comments, questions, or concerns take up the majority of your valuable time. So, how can we prepare our classrooms to be student focused and change parents into allies rather then road blocks? The Key? Be Proactive not … Read More