9 Ways to Fix Your Lesson Plans – Personalize Learning

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9 Ways to Fix Your Lesson Plans - Personalize Learning

Creating a Personalized Learning Classroom can seem TOUGH. When you have a classroom full of 30 wacky students – all with specific needs, likes and dislikes, and interests, just about anything can be difficult. So, is personalizing learning a lost cause? No! There is a way to create a student-focused classroom that won’t break the bank, break your back, or … Read More

9 Ways Fix Your Lesson Plans: Align Standards, Targets, and Mastery Questions

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9 Ways to Fix Your Lesson Plans - Align Targets, Standards, and Mastery Questions

Let’s fix our lesson plans! Fix #1: Align your standards, targets, and mastery questions. Are you reading your standards? If not, it’s time to! We all know there are 100’s of skills we want our students to learn before leaving the safety of our classroom’s four walls – however, it is our responsibility, as educators, to connect our instruction to … Read More

How to Start Your Day Like a Champion

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How to Start Your Day Like A Champion

As teachers, how we start our day could be the difference between our students’ success or failure. How we view each day, its challenges, and its opportunities, will set the foundation for how our classroom feels when students walk in, and more importantly, how they feel when they interact with us. If you’re reading this, it’s because you are always … Read More

The Basics of Restorative Justice (video)

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The Basics of Restorative Justice (video)-2

The Basics of Restorative Justice in Education Full transcript below video. Video Transcript Hey guys! I’m Rae and I am so excited because we get to talk about restorative justice. Now this is a very hot topic and even though restorative justice is all over the place, I still have teachers telling me, “I don’t know that is i don’t … Read More