About The Grid Method

The Grid Method – Mastery Learning system is a student centered, self- paced, competency based system for any classroom or content. The system utilizes teacher created targets in structured Mastery Grids with easy-to-implement routines to maximize student achievement.

Students work through the grids at their own pace and take ownership of their learning. The targeted design of the Grids allows teachers to focus on student success and progress instead of day-to-day planning.

As a Grid Method teacher you will be facilitating and guiding your students in learning, while increasing motivation, building relationships, and helping every student succeed at their own pace and on their own terms.

Progressive Mastery Learning

Progressive Mastery Learning, LLC has been created to foster innovation in the world of education.

Progressive Mastery Learning produces products and services for educators, educational institutions, and their governing bodies, designed to encourage success amongst students throughout the world.

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What Others Are Saying

Thanks to the Grid Method, after 20 plus years I feel renewed and enjoy what I am doing again!

– Bernie Caldwell, 8th Grade Science Teacher, Canton, OH

If you are looking for increased student ownership and progressive mastery of learning…then The Grid Method is your answer.

-Travis Tristano, 6th Grade ELA Coach

Chad Ostrowski

Creator of The Grid Method

After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Walsh University, Chad Ostrowski set his sights on education. He was chosen as one of only 50 individuals in the state of Ohio to be granted the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship through the Ohio STEM Learning Network. Through this fellowship he received his Master’s in Secondary Education from The University of Akron and gained intensive training and expertise in STEM education, Problem Based Learning, inquiry based instruction, as well as other cutting-edge educational research and modern pedagogical theory.

Chad, or “Mr. O” as his students fondly call him, taught middle school science in a high-needs district where he held multiple leadership roles. It was here that he developed The Grid Method- Mastery Learning System within his own classroom and witnessed the success of his students. After dedicating his time to instructing other teachers how to use his methods, Chad made the difficult decision to leave the classroom so that he could reach more schools, more teachers, and, most importantly, more students.

Chad has presented at numerous educational conferences and continues to develop and research innovative educational practices.

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